IT Consulting in New Jersey

For a small state, New Jersey has a large number of businesses. According to the Census Bureau , in 2007 we had 781,622 firms – 2.9% of the national number of firms, 27,092,908.  (By definition, a firm is a business organization consisting of one or more domestic establishments in the same state and industry that were specified under common ownership or control. The firm and the establishment are the same for single-establishment firms. For each multi-establishment firm, establishments in the same industry within a state will be counted as one firm- the firm employment and annual payroll are summed from the associated establishments. ) On average, there are approximately 80 jobs posted for IT consulting on every 30 days – and it’s just one resource. New Jersey has plenty of business that needs information technology consultants.

New Jersey is also home to some of the great education for computer professionals – and we have some of the best Lincoln Tech, Rutgers and NJIT graduates here at

Our team has been providing computer network services in New Jersey for some time now.  Actually, for someone with a dot-com in the company name, 15 years that we celebrated in February of 2011 is a long, long time. NJ is pretty dense with small- to mid-size businesses in need of managed computer support services. We are focusing on boosting computers’ performance, tightening network security and extending the life of computer network – your company’s assets.

IN 2010, CRN magazine had given us an honor of being among top 40 innovative solutions providers in the USA, and being in a Northern NJ we are happy to provide our clients with  computer support, managed services, hosted cloud solutions and business applications development. Our custom services range from supplying and testing hardware, software and networking solutions, to web-based applications development. In addition to other computer network setup, monitoring and support services, we provide IT consulting for small and medium-sized businesses in New Jersey, New York and surrounding area. (We currently have clients predominantly in New Jersey, with services extending to the rest of the states, and overseas.)

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Providing IT consulting services in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina for over 18 years, we have extensive experience and expertise to handle computer environments and projects with focus on small and medium size businesses. Contact us for more information on our IT consulting service and support options.