Remote Workforce: Anticipate a migration to an increased remote workforce as the new normal

Although the deployment of remote workforces has been gradually growing over a period of several years, the current pandemic has mandated exponential growth of remote workers in a very short period of time. This creates new challenges from a technical, security, and personnel management perspective.

Although the opportunity for worker in-office interaction and socializing are significantly reduced or eliminated, there also can be many benefits to a full or partial remote workforce. We believe many of these long-term benefits are currently unknown or underappreciated by managers coping with the current disruption of business operations and rapid transition to increased remote workers.

In our view, the new normal after the pandemic passes will be a greater appreciation of the benefits associated with a remote workforce. Consequently, we believe companies will increase the percentage of employees that work remotely – resulting in reduced office expenses, increased employee work/life balance advantages, along with certain productivity benefits.